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Appleton City Public Library

Thank You

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the support, kind words, donations and growing interest our community here and online have been showing this past year in our library. Every one of you that comes in, emails, calls, or even spreads the word for us is important and so, so valued. Libraries are important for communities, and without a community, there would be no library. Thank you to everyone that came to the board meeting and spoke such wonderful things, and to the people that wrote encouraging letters voicing your support and enthusiasm, it means more than I could ever express in writing. To the volunteers that have been giving hours and hours of their time for months on end, I could not do any of this without you, and you are keeping me sane. My motivation used to be the library on its own, but seeing how hard you are all working alongside me, you are all now a huge part of that motivation. Thank you for your passion and dedication to helping our library reach the potential it has. Now and forever, I keep my fingers crossed that you all will want to stay involved in our little local book hoard. I hope that in the future, all of you will feel comfortable and eager to come express ideas and thoughts about what we can do to keep this going. We are building momentum in here together, and I really hope it never slows down.


-Karidi and Purrsephone

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