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Appleton City Public Library

Summer Reading Wrap Up!

Summer Reading this year went over better than we could have ever hoped! Trying something new, we decided to let our patrons vote on the theme we would be covering this year! The theme that had the most votes was CRYPTIDS! Cryptids are animals that some people believe may exist somewhere in the wild, but whose present existence is disputed or unsubstantiated by science. Some examples we went over this year are Bigfoot, Mothman, Nessie and MoMo! Thanks to donations from our wonderful community, the kids each got their very own tote bag for the program!


The first week, we learned all about Bigfoot, and the littles got to see just how big a bigfoot is with a scale model painted on the wall, and then they compared their foot sizes to the sasquatch!

During Mothman week, they got to hear both sides of the story and make their very own mothman masks!

Of course to learn about Nessie, they got to learn a bit about Scotland as well, and Loch Ness, all the while making their very own Nessie in a Jar to take home!

Our fourth week, the littles had a lot of fun making up their very own cryptids, complete with a map and a model they put together all on their own!

The last week was a big thank you party with cryptid games, movies and stories!

Both groups did so well. We had a group for kids 10 and under, and a group for 10 and over, and this coming year we are going to try to do the same! Thank you so much for being part of our library, and we look forward to seeing you all this coming Summer Reading Program. ADVENTURE AWAITS!

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